Facebook is the Best Way to Reach Future Customers

Facebook's sophisticated algorithms and audience-finding technology may appear bewildering to newcomers, but they provide some of the most powerful tools for advertisers in the digital age. With our expertise, your business can fully utilize these tools to develop a wide reach and a target audience of loyal customers.

If you didn't see your business in your Facebook feed, the time to change that is NOW.

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FB advertising is a very powerful way to get traffic, and most importantly, generate leads for your business.

Here's What's Included

  • Outline campaign funnel strategy & offer
  • Targeting & ad setup
  • Creation of ad creative (up to 3 variations)
  • Landing page creation & set up
  • Strategy for follow-up
  • Measurement & conversion tracking
  • Ongoing optimization and testing to fine tune performance
  • Ad copy, Offer, Landing page elements, images used, etc.
  • Monthly reporting & review call

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By far, Granat Design is one of the best website design companies in Florida. They are top at their game and care about their client. Hire them!

Pauline Mayer
PTM Marketing

As someone who works in the digital marketing space as well, I know that it's (sadly) rare to find people of high quality character to help you with your website, marketing and design needs. Matt is a true pro. His work is top quality and he does everything for a fair price.

Ricky Shockley III
Shockley Marketing