Pricing List

Below is a list of some of the services offered by Granat Design

Web Design

Includes design, production, and development for websites. $100/hr

Graphic Design

Any additional graphic design services. We design brochures, postcards, letterhead, business cards, and almost anything else. Printing is also available. $100/hr


We also offer copywriting services. $100/hr +

Hosting Maintenance Plan

Includes hosting, SSL certificate, nightly, bi-weekly backups, and all software updates*. Also, all licenses for all plugins used on site that we own are included in this plan. $35/month**

* Software updates do not include website revises or updates to content. These are billed at web rate.

** Rate for standard ‘Brochure’ website. Monthly rate is based on a reasonably low amount of bandwidth used and is subject to change depending on website traffic and bandwidth usage. Certain websites like ecommerce sites typically require more bandwidth and therefore are slightly more expensive. You will be consulted prior to this occurrence.

Digital Marketing

All services, including GMB setup and updates, pay-per-click and Facebook advertising*, social media posting, SEO, and more. Custom pricing

* Advertising budgets are billed separately and directly to vendor (ie Google, Facebook, etc)


Prices subject to change. Effective 07/20/23