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WooCommerce: General and Product Settings

Here's a nice article explaining how to set up WooCommerce: WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce add-ons for WordPress: At the time of writing it's been downloaded no less than 3.6 million times. The core WooCommerce plugin is free and you can augment it with premium add-ons; however for many online stores, the free plugin is all you need to start selling. In this series of tutorials, I'll show you how to install and configure WooCommerce and add both physical and virtual products to it. In this first part you'll install the plugin and work with the general settings and those for products and taxes. link to the article


Have We Been Misleading People about WordPress?

Below is an article I just read that is really insightful about the complexities of building a wordpress site, as well as how we may unintentionally mislead clients. Here's the article and here's a great quote from the article: "Expecting to become a brilliant web developer by purchasing one theme is like expecting to become a brilliant car mechanic by purchasing one wrench. It isn’t going to happen."


5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Here's some very useful SEO tips by the creator of the SEO All-in-One Plugin © 2011 Michael Torbert, Semper Fi Web Design. All rights reserved in all media.Whether you’ve been optimizing your web pages for quite some time or are new to the strategy, everyone makes mistakes. While the bad news is that these mistakes can have a significant effect on your page ranking, the good news is, they’re reversible. Here are five SEO mistakes to avoid (And if you’ve already made them, not to worry, you can make changes and move forward with your SEO strategy). SEO Mistake #1: Not using keywords correctly. Many webmasters are concerned about being banned from the search engines for keyword spamming or stuffing so they limit the use of keywords on their web pages. As long as your content sounds natural and reads easily, the chances are you have not overused your keywords. Make sure your keywords are included in the first and last paragraphs, in your headings and in your title and meta tags. SEO Mistake #2: Trying to fool search engine spiders. Search engines are a lot more sophisticated than most of us realize. They recognize - and penalize - hidden text, keyword spamming, and cloaking, which is showing different content to the search engine spiders than to your visitors. All of these practices only serve to hurt your page ranking and can in fact cause your website to be banned by the search engines, which means no one will find you - and no traffic means no profits. SEO Mistake #3: Using Flash Flash is a great presentation tool and can be dramatic and effective if used sparingly. It’s particularly appropriate if you have a [...]


19 Reasons to Have a Website

At one time perhaps it was difficult to understand how a web site would help your business. Now that's changed - today more and more people are looking for products, services and business information on the web every hour of every day.